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AMiGO Health News & Updates 07/07/06


2 ways to earn your way to Las Vegas, for Free!
1. Sponsor 12 new Rep's on $120 autoship from July 1st - August 31st, and Amigo Health will pay for two nights stay in the luxurious Monte Carlo Resort plus a chauffeured Limousine to pick you up and take you back to the airport.
2. Sponsor 24 new Rep's on $120 autoship from July 1st - August 31st, and Amigo Health will pay for two nights stay in the luxurious Monte Carlo Resort plus a chauffeured Limousine to pick you up and take you back to the airport, plus $300 Cash toward your Airfare to Las Vegas.

Global Bonus and BB Bonus summary for June 2006.

The 2% and 3% Global Pool Bonus 90-Day Challenge ended in June, but the 5% Business Builders Bonus lives-on!.There were 203 winners in June for the Business Builders Bonus; 18 winners in June for the 2% Bonus, and 1 winner in June for the 3% Bonus. Over $23,000 in bonuses for June.

Are you BBQ'd (Business Builder Qualified)?

If you are, you qualify to share 5% of the company's gross July sales. All you need is three personally sponsored Rep's on auto-ship; and your personal auto-ship is set at $120.00. To double check that you are qualified; check that your auto ship is set to $120.00, and you have a pending or archived order in your back office for $120.00 in the month of July, and you are qualified.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



If you haven't already joined our Team,
this is the perfect reason to join NOW!

We are growing FAST and you won't want
to miss out what is coming this Fall!

Call 614-933-9901

Sunday, June 25, 2006


June 24th, 2006, the first US Amigo Health Meeting was held!

Our CEO Pete Mckeown and product developer Michael Grant were both in attendance at this groundbreaking event!

I personally want to thank them both for their time and effort in helping to spread the word about Amigo in our great city!

Also in attendance was the incredible Eddie Moman, who you might recognize from our Weekly Conference Calls! Eddie came all the way from Alabama to speak at this event!

We will continue to hold ongoing trainings and opportunity sessions in the Columbus, Ohio area, so check back frequently for dates, or call Beth Graves at 614-933-9901 for more information!

And yes, ....that is me, Beth Graves, founder of the Amigo Power Team, in the picture with Pete and Michael!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Participation is an essential ingredient to building any T-E-A-M.If you have a job, you have to "show up to work"; If you're on the team, you have to pull your weight; In a marriage, 50/50 will not work. If one of you are having an "off" day (say 35%), and you only put out 50% your Partnership is lacking by 15%. You need a 100/100 Partnership.So how can you Participate in the Amigo Health Team? You are doing it right now! Check-in, Show-up to your Back Office and stay involved. >> Check back here for details on how to win your 2 Free Cans of Amigo Juice. (You may want to check your back office several times a day)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Check out the new TEAM WEBSITE!
Only those in our Downline may have access to this!


We are proud to announce the first US Corporate
Opportunity Session here in Columbus, Ohio!
If you are interested in attending this event, please contact
Beth Graves at 614-933-9901 for more information!

June 24, 2006
Columbus Marriott North
6500 Doubletree Avenue
Columbus, OH 43229
Marriott phone (614) 885-1885


To help facilitate the growth of your company we will be moving the corporate offices and the warehouse to a larger facility on the weekend of June 16th and 17th. Our new mailing address will be:5609 W. 6th Ave #B Lakewood, CO 80214 all phone, fax and toll-free numbers will remain the same.

Amigo Health is very excited to announce the installation of our new advanced phone system with 17 new phone lines. The "switching" of our phone service, to our new office will take place Friday 16th between 9:00am and 11:00am MST. You may find your call going into voice mail during this time but your call will be returned with in the next hour or two. Thank you for your patience

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Congratulations Trinidad! There are many good things being reported back from the Caribbean Islands. There is a lot of excitement in Trinidad & Tobago over the newly introduced Amigo Juice. Trinidad will have Amigo Capsules available to purchase by mid to late June. A regular Trinidad meeting schedule will be posted soon. Weekly meetings will be held at our Amigo "Pick-up" center. For more information, contact Beth Graves at 614-933-9901

Thursday nights call was jammed packed, so if you had difficulties getting in to the call, tune in Monday night.Find out who the Bonus Winners are for the month of May, also tune in for the details on the Columbus, OH meeting coming June 24th. Who's going to be there?

Friday, May 26, 2006


Amigo Card - Electronic Commissions Payment
We are currently using the electronic system from GlobalXchange via email for North American residents and the GlobalXchange Card for International residents. We will be converting over to the Amigo Cash Card with in the next 30-days. Until then, you will see no changes in your current method of payment.
The Amigo Card will allow you to:
In U.S.A.* Receive your Amigo Commissions directly onto this card* Receive notification on your cell phone you have just received commissions* Load your card yourself at any location* Use your card to purchase on the Internet
International* Receive your Amigo Commissions directly onto this card* Withdraw cash from your card at any ATM machine


Every Tuesday night we will have a Product Training Call with Dr. Robbie and Michael Woods.
This call is growing every week and will soon be our most popular call of the week.

Join in 620-294-3023 pin 8825#

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Weekly Conference Call Schedule
These are best calls in the world, hosted by professionals in the industry.
They are short and sweet
"Pure 'n' Simple"
Just 20 minutes long.
MONDAY at 7:00pm MST (9:00pm EST) Live Company Call for new people and guests
New! TUESDAY at 7:00pm MST (9:00pm EST) Product Training Call & Testimonials with Dr. Robbie
WEDNESDAY at 7:30pm MST (9:30pm EST) Business Building strategies for Reps only.
THURSDAY at 7:00pm MST (9:00pm EST) Live Company Call for new people and guests
Missed the last call? No Problem call our 24 Hour Info Line at 1-620-294-1456

Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Thursday, May 11, 2006

The *NEW* Business Builders Pool - 5% of the Company's Gross Sales
Here's how the Business Builders Pool works:
1. Upgrade* your auto-ship to one of the NEW $120.00** Business Builders Packs, then...
2. Get three (3) personally sponsored* Reps or Customers on auto-ship to join your team and you are qualified as a "Director" in the 3x9 Matrix, PLUS your are now Business Builder Qualified (BBQ)
* Not three (3) more, just three Reps or Customers total. So anyone that achieved the "Director" status or higher already has enough people.** $120 order must be in one order (not accumulative) in any one month.
NOTE: If you have an auto-ship date from May 1st - 4th and you placed a "one-time" order in May to qualify, you are indeed qualified for May. BUT remember unless up also upgraded your auto-ship, come June 1st - 4th you will still not be qualified. You must also upgrade your auto-ship (although you will not get charged until June 1-4th.)

March Global Pool Winners!
The Global Pool will be in effect through the end of June 2006.
Here are the six Winners for the Global Pool in the month of March.These winners will share 2% of the company's gross sales volume in March.
Barry Malkin, Margaret Flanigan, Beth Graves, Katie Bernhardt, Jerry Canelupe and Paul Schmidt.

I think this definately shows that we ARE definately the STRONGEST and most successfull Team in Amigo Health!!! 2 out of 6 in the same downline!! JOIN US TODAY if you haven't already!

Who's doing Weekly Meetings?
I would personally like to come visit some small groups around the country in the month of June.
Here's how to get me out of the office:
1. START IT (you have to start sometime), doing your own weekly meetings, home parties (ladies come I've been to some fun home parties) or BOP (business opportunity presentations), or what ever you want to do. Just make it fun!
2. BUILD IT to 20-25 key leaders the are willing to be there "no matter what", and help you with the meetings. I'd like to dial-in via video conferencing at least once before I come out.
That's It!
-- Pete W. McKeown

Conference Call Corner
Ph: 1-620-294-3023 pin 8825#
Monday - Company Call7:00pm MST
Wednesday - Biz Training Call7:30pm MST
Thursday - Company Call7:00pm MSTFirst Wednesday of every Month -Product Training and Testimonials7:30pm MST

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Business Builders Pool
WOW! If you have not heard about the Business Builders Pool you are in for a treat!
Here's how it works:
1. Upgrade* your auto-ship to one of the NEW $120.00 Business Builders Packs, then...
2. Get three (3) personally sponsored Reps or Customers on auto-ship to join your team and you are qualified as a "Director" in the 3x9 Matrix, PLUS your are now Business Builder Qualified (BBQ)
That's just three (3) personally sposnored Reps or Customers! Not 3 after you get to Presidential, just 3; your first 3, any 3 as long as they have an active auto ship.
So what do I get for doing all this you ask?
A whopping 5% of the company's gross sales each month. The more people that upgrade the larger the pool gets. I predict $140,000.00 in gross sales this month.
Log in to your back office, click on [auto-ship], click on the [number] and upgrade your auto-ship today.
* Since we announced this on May 4th some auto-ships may have been processed between May 1st and May 4th. If this is the case for you, simply uprgading your auto ship will not make you BBQ in the month of May. Your next auto-ship will in fact be processed June 1st through June 4th, then you'll be qualified. You can also qualify in the Month of May by placing a "one-time" order of $120.00.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Amigo Health Newsletter

Local Meetings
Yes it's time. Amigo Health would like to see Rep's starting their own regular local meetings. These can be in someone's home or office or anywhere that is free, to start out. The main thing is to establish a time and a place where guests can come to sample the product and find out how they can earn free product. Whether you prefer an informal home-party setting, or a more structured business opportunity meeting the choice is yours.
Once these regular meetings are established and the attendance averages 25-30 people for 2-3 consecutive meetings then someone from the corporate office fly out to your meeting and do a Friday night business opportunity meeting (biz opp) and a Saturday morning biz opp, plus a Saturday afternoon business builder training. Meanwhile we can use video conferencing..... more to come.
Bonus Pool Summary
Once you have reached Presidential Director there are 2 bonus pools above and beyond the normal 3x9 forced matrix where you can earn more than the 9% 9 levels deep.
Here's how to earn...
2% of the company's gross sales* in the Month of May.Get 9 new customers or reps in the month of May and you'll share the pool of 2% with other qualified pool earners.
3% of the company's gross sales* in the Month of May.Get 50 new customers or reps in the month of May and you'll share the pool of 3% with other qualified pool earners.
* Estimated company gross sales in May $120,000 or more.

Friday, April 28, 2006

NEW! Full COLOR Glossy 3-fold Amigo Brochures
AMAZING! They did it again. 30 full color glossy tri-fold brochures for just $5.95That's less than .20c per brochure.
Have you ever joined a company where the marketing tools were so expensive you could not even afford to market your own business. What a dilemma!
NEW! Amigo Juice Sample Packets coming next week.
Soon you'll see Amigo Juice Sample Pak's on your website.
1 box of 30 Samples (1 month supply) + 30 Brochures for $49.95Note: Sample 1 new person per day for 30 days and you could get 10 more new customers each month.
2 boxes of 30 Samples + 60 brochures for $80.00Note: 2 months supply; or Sample 2 people per day and watch your business grow.
4 boxes of 30 Samples + 120 Brochures for just $120.00 (that's $1 per sample)Note: 4 months supply; or Sample 4 people per day and watch your business explode!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

1. NEW! The Amigo "Combo2" and Amigo "Combo4"
Beth go to your website right now a see the new Combos. (i.e. Buy 1 Bottle of Caps and 1 Can of Juice) for just $80.00. That's almost a $20.00 Savings!Or buy 2 Bottles of Capsules and 2 Cans of Juice for $120.00. That's a HUGE $40 Savings!

2. NEW! Full COLOR Glossy 3-fold Amigo Brochures

AMAZING! They did it again. 30 full color glossy tri-fold brochures for just $5.95That's less than .20c per brochure.
Have you ever joined a company where the marketing tools were so expensive you could not even afford to market your own business. What a dilemma!

3. Corporate Tour to Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados (April 19th - 22nd)
Who do you know in the Caribbean??
Yes yes I know, it's a crying shame but someone has to go to the Caribbean and build this wonderful business :-) Seriously Beth, I wished you were coming along too.
Amigo Health Corp Scheduled at the moment:

Wednesday April 19th - Trinidad6:30pm - 8:00pm Biz Opp (Tunapuna - BonAir high School)

Thursday April 20th - Trinidad6:30pm - 8:00pm Dr Cuffy Biz Opp (Location TBA)

Friday April 21st - Trinidad6:30pm - 8:00pm Biz Opp (San Fernando - Paris Suites)

Saturday April 22nd - Barbados
2:00pm Biz Opp (Barbados - Ebenezar Gospel Tabernacle, Westbury Road. Bridgetown)

Saturday April 22nd - Tobago
6:30pm - 8:00pm Biz Opp (Tobago - Scarborough. Location TBA)

More on Monday nights Conference Call 1-620-294-3023 pin 8825#

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Looking for an Amigo Health Forum to join others who are using The Amigo Health Superfood Juice? Are you looking for an Amigo Health Distributor in your area? Are you on the Amigo Health Power Team and want a place to go to for more support or training? Are you looking to join a successful Amigo Health Downline that offers free business tools to Distributors? Well, look no further!!!!!!

The Amigo Health Power Team Forum is HERE!!!!!

Please note:
Half the forum is open to the public and the other half is only available to Amigo Health Distributors on the Amigo Health Power Team. Everyone must register, however Distributors must use their Amigo Health User Name to gain access!

Have questions? Please forward them to

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Be on the Conference Call Thursday night; Olympic Gold Medallist is one happy Amigo
America's Most Decorated National Cycling Champion, plus 2004 Olympic champion - Marty Nothstein - is one very happy Amigo and proud to be at the forefront as an amigo juice endorser. Marty will be sharing his enthusiasm about being brought in on the first month of the Ground Floor of the AMIGO NATION, and will give his product testimonial this Thursday night. Start alerting everyone right now to make them totally aware of this Call.....mark this down as a can't miss Call as you want everyone in your group to hear why Marty took his own Leap of Faith, and how he plans to personally promote amigo juice well beyond being a high profile product endorser. You now have 6 full days notice to notify the troops. We'd love to see a record-breaking audience turn out on April 6.
Monday Night Conference Call - Join the dynamic hosting team duo of the 4 Amigo's Eddie Moman and veteran network trainer Kathy Breeman, and hear CEO Pete McKeown talk about our growth and late breaking developments. You get the very latest news when you participate in these Calls, and there's new developments happening all the time.
Wednesday Leadership Conference - Join former MLM owner/CEO and one of the 4 Amigo's Ken Taylor & Kathy Breeman. It's DIALING for DOLLARS Night as Ken and Kathy will role play back and forth various Phone Calling approaches. Come observe and learn tips on techniques and effective comebacks that will result in BIG DOLLARS! You will learn how to effectively approach successful juice dealers currently not in the AMIGO NATION, and reduce them to one comeback, and then you'll learn how to defeat that one! You will learn how to find new recruits from a growing source so few in this biz ever think to capitalize. You will learn how to apply basic logic to those who swear they can't sell a thing, and how you can flip that switch to "yes I can" by simply observing you as a role model. Also, a subtle HOW TO that draws attention to yourself where total strangers will approach you asking questions and wanting to know more. It is a technique so simple that most folks these days are trying harder to think "outside the box" than to think "inside the box." It's also a Call you can't afford to miss.
620-294-3023 pin 8825# 6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

4 Amigos Leaders Training Reminder Tonight
& 2nd Major Celebrity announcement Thursday
In case you missed the Conference Call Monday, Amigo Eddie announced the following exciting new bonus programs......

Presidential Customer Development Program :

Any month 9 additional Customers join on autoship that are Personally Developed by you -Presidential will get a unit in CDP. 2% of Global Sales will be in fund and it will be equally divided among all units.

Presidential Professional Program :

Any month 50 additional Customers join on autoship that are Personally Developed by you -Presidential will get a unit in PPP. 3% of Global Sales will be in fund and it will be equally divided among all units.

TONIGHT - 4 Amigos Leadership Training on our regular Conference Call Network. Learn from the pros how to build an effective and financially rewarding sales organization. Conference # 620-294-3023 pin 8825# 9:00pm EST, 8:00pm CST, 7:00pm MST, 6:00pm PST

TOMORROW - Thursday night Conference Call. We will announce our 2nd major celebrity endorser in less than a month-old company! HINT- Olympic Gold Medallist. 620-294-3023 pin 8825#

amigo health opportunity calls
1-620-294-3023 Passcode: 8825 #
Monday & Thursday nights
Monday, Mar. 27 - Presidential Bonus Pool Details Unveiled
Wednesday - Leadership Trainings
6 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. MST, 8 p.m. CST, 9 p.m. EST

Friday, March 24, 2006

Within a short 24 hours timeframe, 21 Heavy Hitters from the Network Marketing Industry, joined alliances (MMG) without hesitation when presented with the details involving the launch of a New Program. After reviewing the program details and performing their rigorous due diligence, they unanimously agreed that the uniqueness of the program was irresistable and that competitors would never be able to rival the program-plan/payout/product.

Here's the basic details: (for additional info, please call the number listed below or reply to this email).

Payout: 81% Payout (Yes, 81%... this is not a typo. This unmatched payout percentage is achievable (due to the uniqueness of the program) and will not "break" the company. Call the contact person below or reply to this email for a thorough explanation of how this is accomplished. MMG members would not have commited to a program that was risky and impractical.

Structure: 3x9 Forced Matrix

Commission Qualifing Details:
Qualify to earn 3% on all 9 levels with only 1 personally sponsored and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-3 and 3% on levels 4-9 with only 3 personally sponsored and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-6 and 3% on levels 7-9 with only 6 personally sponsored and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on all 9 levels with only 9 personally sponsored and a $49.95 monthly product order

Total Possible Payout on one 3 x 9 Full Matrix: with all members in the matrix purchasing at the minimum of one bottle purchase of $49.95*
3 x 9 Matrix = 29,523 members
x a $49.95 monthly purchase for each member
9% of $49.95 = $4.49
Therefore, a full 3 x 9 matrix of members all with a purchase of just $49.95 a month will payout a total of over $130,000.00 ($132,558.27 to be exact) a month in commissions to you.
*Potential payout is higher if members in the matrix purchase the 2 bottle option for $80.00 or the 4-pak option for $120.00 etc.

Re-entry: Ability to re-enter once your first matrix is full

Reach maximum 81% payout with just a $49.95 a month purchase and only 9 personally sponsored

International: 21 Countries Open NOW

International Expansion - less than 90 days: Asia Opens

Future Internation Expansion: 42 Countries total - when expansion is complete

81% Payout - Forced Matrix
Incredible Potential - Call us to learn more or get started today.

Premium Ingredients and Phenomenal Price: You'll never find more quality and quantity for your money, EVER.

Quality and Quantity: Enjoy the top three superfoods - Mangosteen, Goji, and Acai - all in one delicious product. You'll, also, receive more milligrams per serving than most other products on the market today. Most products contain 15-50mg of either mangosteen, goji or acai per serving. With our product you'll get 500mg of each (mangosteen, goji and acai) per serving. Compare the labels and see for yourself. Proprietary blends often do not list levels of their ingredients. This is a clever way to cover up the insignificant amounts of key ingredients in their products.

Price: Each single container cost $49.95 and has 90 servings (3 servings a day for 30 days). Each serving gives you 500mg of each of the 3 superfoods with no preservatives, additives or fillers.

Each serving contains:

500mg Mangosteen (pericarp) per serving and...

500mg Goji Berries per serving and...

500mg Acai Berries per serving

Each $49.95 container contains 90 servings (3 servings a day for 30 days)

*Stop! Before you buy Mangosteen.
Two Important Points to Consider - What You Need to Know about Mangosteen:
1. The Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Magosteen: Our pursuit for the best quality Mangosteen Pericarp, or "hull ("pericarp" is the part of the Mangosteen fruit where the xanthones are the most potent) started months and months before you ever saw Mangosteen for sale on the internet.
Other companies may use parts of the Mangosteen fruit. While the fruit is good, and tastes great, it's the pericarp (hull or rind) that houses all those potent antioxidant xanthones that we are all looking for.Make sure you see 500 mg Mangosteen Pericarp on the label, not Mangosteen powdered fruit!
You see, although buying American Made is a good thing for most products, you should only buy S.E. Asian when it comes to buying Mangosteen pericarp. The Asian climate may only fluctuate eight degrees over a twelve month period. This makes for a rich healthy harvest.
Not all Asian cultures are equal. Over the years we have experienced some questionable quality of some product samples, packaging, handling and exporting coming out of some countries, so we prefer Thailand for the raw material. Buying from our reliable sources get get us the quality of Mangosteen that we expect and you should expect nothing less either.
2. A powerful, life-enhancing substance is called Xanthone has been found to be more powerful than any vitamin.Xanthones have been the subject of intense research for several decades. They are found in a select number of rain forest plants, but nowhere are they found in more abundance that in the pericarp or rind, of the Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia Mangostana).
Our Mangosteen is harvested when the fruit is ripe. These procedures insure you are getting the highest concentration of xanthones possible from the pericarp!No heat or solvents are used in the extraction process. In fact, we use a "Cryogenic Freeze Dried" process for the highest quality Mangosteen supplement available.








Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thinking About Joining
Listen to the latest Conference call
and found out why you shouldn't wait
one more day to join!
Call the 24 hour Information Hotline
1-620-294-1456 and press #4 to hear the call!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Amigo Health Conference Call Schedule:
Monday and Thursday Nights

7:00 PM (MST) 9:00 PM (EST)
620-294-3023 pin 8825#

Friday, March 17, 2006

Record Breaking CALL Monday March 20th, 2006!!!
Celebrity Quest * Testimonials * Latest News

If you want to send an adrenalin shot into your sales organization then you can't afford to miss the Conference Call this Monday night, March 20th. Let everyone know Adam Bergen, starting tight end of the NFL Arizona Cardinals, is on board as a representative of Amigo Health, and will be a quest on this Call.
Adam, who caught 28 passes in his rookie season, joined us March 13th, and has been on the powder 3x a day since. He will share his product testimonial, and why he took the Leap of Faith just like YOU to be part of the next MLM GIANT!
This Call will easily surpass the 191 attendees on our WORLD LAUNCH CONFERENCE of March 1st. Adam is the "first" of what will be a parade of well known sports and entertainment celebrities from around the World participating on our Conference Calls. They will help to get the word out about amigo juice by endorsing our products and making it a "household" brand name. No matter what walk of life everyone sees the "Big Picture" of an 81% Global "Ground Floor" business opportunity creating long-term residual income.
Pencil in this Monday, March 20th, and let others know.......
6 pm PST, 7pm MST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST
Dial: 620-294-3023 Passcode: 8825 #

Thursday, March 16, 2006

That means that AMIGO HEALTH is equal to 36 bottles of those "other" juices!!!
Get the POWER OF 3 in ONE with AMIGO HEALTH!

March 16th Conference Call
Big Announcement & More Testimonials!
Call Number: 620-294-3023 Pin: 8825 #
6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST
Hear previous Calls on Hotline, dial: 620-294-1456

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Conference Call last night and hearing the energy coming from fellow Amigos who recently experienced amigo juice. We are so fortunate to have such a unique and beneficial product. Amigo Juice will make sales tidal waves throughout the marketplace worldwide.

So how excited would you think a former MLM owner/CEO might be about this product being in the marketplace backed by the most generous compensation (81%) in the entire industry – well, I’m STOKED!

Amigos, WELCOME to Ground Floor Paradise! These two factors have created the most ideal and motivating circumstances to be a Pioneer and take this Leap of Faith, and inspire confidence to approach others to follow suit.

The company is paying out $30,000 in commissions after only 10 days in business. What will run chills up your spine is realizing some of you reading this email TODAY will be making that figure alone monthly by the end of this year!

So why will Amigo Health become the fastest growing Network Company in the World? Because the bait is GREAT! Don’t sit on this One - contact the biggest Networkers you know and then share with those near and dear to you. Don’t leave yourself open to friends and love ones who'll be asking after seeing you pull up in a Mercedes one day “Why didn’t you tell me about this when you got on board last year.” What are you going to say…”Oops, I was too busy putting internet strangers ahead of you that I never got around to asking my good friend if he might be interested in doubling his current income?” You can’t dodge that bullet successfully saying “I didn’t think you'd be interested.” That dog won't cover your bases. Trust me, it's better to get turned down than to have never made the offer.

What you have in Amigo Health is the savvy leadership of our CEO Pete McKeown, who is a fine example that “Old School” values and integrity still exist at the top. His partner Michael Grant brings us the exciting software packages in addition to being well versed in manufacturing as CEO of Natural Health Labs. What we have in Pete and Mike are two sharp businessmen who definitely know their way around the board room, and that's comforting when you start talking about long-term tenure to prospects. These two Amigos in my books achieved marketing genius coming up with Amigo Juice in powder and capsules, and driving that with a simple yet powerful 3 x 9 matrix pay plan that really gives a home-based business a shot at financial independence. This is unquestionably the most generous compensation I've ever seen in the network marketing industry.

Normally, this would already constitue being in networking heaven, but Pete and Mike had the foresight to create a totally unique marketing concept that became the 4 Amigos. This is a group of former corporate Network executives pooled together to provide the most experienced support service to representatives. This is not about a pack of back slapping way Jose! The 4 Amigos (Eddie Moman, Claude Savage, Tim McGrath, and myself) represents 73 years of experience in this industry. Several of the 4 Amigos are among the top trainers in the entire industry having addressed upwards of 500 networkers in workshop sessions on how to be successful in network marketing. We will also bring famous celebrities into the fold as endorsers/reps to draw attention to our product and business opportunity.

Bottom-line,’ve found your networking HOME! Go pour yourself a cold glass of amigo juice, toss in a few cubes of party ice, and toast yourself for being in the right place at the right time! Then go to work making the toast meaningful. ;)


Amigo Ken

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Norway is now open to anyone wanting to become an Amigo Health Distributor!!!!!
Because we are a manufacturer-direct-to- consumer company, we are able to offer a pay out of 81% to our distributors!
Join The Amigo Health Power Team TODAY!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Distributors may sign up in these countries:


New Zealand
United Kingdom (UK)


Other countries will be opening SOON!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Amigo Health Power Team is growing fast!
We have distributors from all over the United States and have just added our first Australian Distributor to our downline! To visit their site, go to .
Currently, there are 21 countries open, with more on the way!
Here is a list of the Countries open to those wanting to become distributors!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

From: The Desk of the 4 AMIGOSSubject: 24 –Hour Information Hotline is now “LIVE.”
You have heard what we are about to accomplish together – NOW START BELIEVING!

We are happy to announce today that Amigo Health has implemented a 24-Hour Information Hotline.
Check it out, dial 620-294-1456.

You will now be able to direct your prospects to this Hotline anytime to vocally hear more about the opportunity. You will also find a recording of our exciting near 200 strong attended WORLD LAUNCH Conference Call on March 1. We had to be exact 191 excited callers on line that night representing 7 different countries and our first distributor in Holland attended "live" despite being 3 a.m. there. Gotta love it!

Every once in a while, an opportunity does surface that makes up for all the toads kissed but no Prince transformed. Don’t leave your financial dreams sitting on the sidelines when you’re already on the field with everything lining up strongly in your favor for big success!

Please understand getting a new company off the ground is a work-in-progress. There will be some glitches and hurdles especially in the first few months, but also know riding out these bumps means you also got handed a front row ticket to be part of the next MLM GIANT.

What is taking place every day is another brick and a slap of mortar being added to AMIGO HEALTH growing the confidence this opportunity being a sure thing.

Why are we saying this is a sure thing? Simply, everything that needs to be in place has been effectively addressed. We have a totally unique and affordable product; dynamic corporate leadership in Pete McKeown and Michael Grant, a company with a 20 year history of stability, the pay structure is second to none globally at an unheard of 81% payout, and a support system that will clearly be “real” and not imaginary.

Go forth in the confidence that you will be supported by an Opportunity that truly cares about its distributors. You are about to experience a journey of field support unlike anything you have ever experienced before in network marketing because now you have the 4 AMIGOS in your corner . Who are the 4 AMIGOS? Three of us are former MLM owners/CEO’s, and we've all been six figure earners many times over. We know the angles and methods to help you to financial independence FAST!

This is your chance to earn big money and more importantly over a very long term. Don’t procrastinate a day longer not sharing your good fortune of being on the ground floor of Amigo Health with those you hold near and dear. Get them on the Conference Call this Monday night. A great opportunity waits for no one……you must see the vision and seize the moment with the “eye of the tiger” and it will reward you right back.

Our Conference info: Dial: 620-294-3023 Pin: 8825 #
Monday, March 6 & Thursday, March 9
USA - 6 pm. PST, 7 pm. MST, 8 pm. CST, 9 pm EST

One more thing. Check this out: This is a lead capturing web site we just completed and launched live but no traffic portals as yet generated. We will help anyone desiring to promote their business over the Internet in helping you setup a Lead Capturing web site domain. We’ll also direct you how to find reputable lead systems. Individual samples will be in the pipeline soon as another ordering option so applying free samples through the power of Internet helps to build down-lines even faster.

See you on the Call Monday night and go share this juicy knowledge with others. We're going to have fun and make money - LIFE will be extremely GOOD at Amigo Health in 2006!

Just announced! For those who want the convenience of a caplet, AMIGO CAPS is here!

Amigo Capsules 1 Bottle,Retail $99.00 Wholesale $49.95Highly concentrated Pure Acai, Mangosteen Pericarp and Goji. No additives, no preservatives and no fillers. Pure vegetable capsules 180 count.

Motivated Distributors needed for this incredible income opportunity! Amigo Health just launched March 1st and we need more distributors to keep up with the demand of sales! Those interested in making a huge residual income FAST, please contact BethGraves at 614-933-9901 or go to to join NOW! TOP POSITIONS WILL NOT LAST LONG! This amazing payplan only requires sponsoring 9 other Business Builders to reach the maximum payout of 9% on 9 levels with an 81% PAYOUT!!!!!!! Don't wait any longer! Secure a top position TODAY!

Friday, March 03, 2006

To speak directly to an Amigo Health Worldwide Distributor,
please call 614-933-9901.

24 Hour Information HOTLINE!

Call 1- 620-294-1456
#1 Amigo Health Company Information
#2 Amigo Health Product Information
#3 Amigo Health Distributor Compensation Plan
#4 Most recent Amigo Health Conference Call
#5 Amigo Health March 1st Grand Opening Call

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Join us for a Special Conference Call this Wednesday, March 1st

We're celebrating our Global Launch.

Call Number : 620-294-3023 pin 8825#
9:00pm EST 8:00pm CST 7:00pm MST 6:00pm PST

This call is a Don't Miss Event - We will be making Special Announcements and Giving Updates to ALL of You on the Call. Be the FIRST to Learn THE NEWS.

Leaders, we are about to be propelled into Network Stardom with these Special Announcements. Invite LOTS of new people and make sure your entire Team is on this History Making Call. Launch time has arrived and we're ready for the masses.

We look forward to hearing you on the call and to a bright future working together.

Best Regards,

Pete McKeown

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mangosteen, Goji and Acai in ONE drink! THE POWER OF 3!!!!!!!!!

Açaí Berries contain very high amounts of essential fatty acid & omegas proven to lower LDL & HDL cholesterol levels. They are also a remarkable concentration of antioxidants to help combat premature aging Acai berry known simply as nature’s perfect food is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods available. Acai was recently featured on Oprah program as being the top super food for age-defying beauty. Açaí Berry is a dense source of a particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins. The ORAC value of Açaí Berry is higher than any other edible berry in the world! [Acai Berry News] Açaí Berry is also an excellent source of dietary fiber! Açaí is extremely rich on organic vegetable protein which does not generate cholesterol during its digestion and is easier processed and transported to your muscles than animal protein (such as in milk or meat).

The Mangosteen Pericarp, which is the rind or peel, contains the highest level of xanthones. The pulp, which is the fruit, known for being one of the tastiest fruits in the world. The seeds found in the pulp. Mangosteen has compounds that have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor activity. Laboratory tests have indicated that extracts of mangosteen have activity against several cancer cell lines including breast, liver, and leukemia. Mangosteen also contains anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Mangosteen has been used for many years as a medicinal treatment for diarrhea, skin infection and wounds in South Asia.The latest in scientific research shows mangosteen contains a class of naturally occurring polyphenolic compound known as xanthones. Xanthones provide beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases, including ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and thrombosis. Mangosteen shows vasorelaxant properties. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, Mangosteen has shown inhibitory action against these organisms. Mangosteen is highly effective in weak immune system. There are several compounds found in the Mangosteen that appear to make this fruit so active as a nutritional component for the body.

Goji Berry (or Wolfberry is the common name for the fruit of Lycium barbarum.) Wolfberry grows on extensive vines in the sheltered valleys of the Himalayas in Tibet, and in Mongolia. A deciduous woody perennial plant growing 1-3 m high. The round, red berries are very tender and must be shaken from the vine rather than picked in order to avoid spoiling. The fruits are preserved by slowly drying them in the shade. The berry has been eaten locally in the region for centuries and is celebrated in festivals. The fruit is nicknamed the “happy berry” because of the sense of well being it is said to induce.Medicinal use: Antibacterial; Anticholesterolemic; Antipyretic; Cancer; Diuretic; Hypoglycaemic; Ophthalmic; Purgative; Skin; Tonic; Vasodilator.A sweet tonic decoction made from the fruits is used to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It acts mainly on the liver and kidneys. The fruit is taken internally in the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, poor eyesight, vertigo, lumbago, impotence and menopausal complaints. The fruit is harvested when fully ripe and is dried for later use. The root bark is a bitter, cooling, antibacterial herb that controls coughs and lowers fevers, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It is taken internally in the treatment of chronic fevers, internal haemorrhages, nosebleeds, tuberculosis, coughs, asthma etc. It is applied externally to treat genital itching. The bark is harvested in the winter and dried for later use. Diuretic, purgative. The plant has a long history of medicinal use, both as a general, energy restoring tonic and also to cure a wide range of ailments from skin rashes and eyesight problems to diabetes. A tonic tea is made from the leaves. The fruit of many members of this genus is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins A, C and E, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. It is also a fairly good source of essential fatty acids, which is fairly unusual for a fruit. It is being investigated as a food that is capable of reducing the incidence of cancer and also as a means of halting or reversing the growth of cancers.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Friends, make it a PRIORITY to be on the AMIGO HEALTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE CALL on Monday, February 27, and between now and then call or email others you care about and simply tell them there is a "new" super juice drink in town and its name is Amigo. Come check it out! Let your business-minded friends know that this has strong potential to be an MLM GIANT, and that Amigo Health is a company worthy of your time and involvement. You tell others NOW, and they'll be shaking your hand over this heads-up come this Summer. We all desire to be confident in the presenting and benefiting to others what we deem to be good and this is a great product backed by a company with integrity. In real estate the buzz word is location, location, location, and in MLM when it comes to making big bucks its positioning, positioning, positioning! Success waits for no man or woman, it is about seeing potential when nothing has been proven yet. Make the time for AMIGO HEALTH, Go forth in the resolve of promoting better health and earning more income, and in the process you will start touching lives in a most positive manner.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

An Incredible 81% Payout Plan!! Yes...81%!!!!

AMiGO Juice is a complex blend of three (3) highly effective fruits (Acia, Mangosteen and Goji) all with potent antioxidant health benefits and incredibly high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity).
Customer – Purchase products at retail. A customer can purchase wholesale with a $10 application fee and an auto-ship order.
Representative (Rep) - A Rep can purchase products at wholesale with a $10 application fee and an auto-ship order. A Rep will receive their own unique sub domain ( A Rep will receive a back office. A Rep earns commissions when they have personally sponsored one (1) auto-ship (customers or reps). A Rep must also be signed up for their own “monthly auto-ship” program. You are now qualified to earn 3% commissions on levels 1-9.

Director – A Rep becomes a Director when they have personally sponsored three (3) auto-ships (customers or reps). A Director must be signed up for the “monthly auto-ship” program. You are now qualified to earn 9% commissions on levels 1-3 and 3% on levels 4-9.

Executive – A Director becomes an Executive when they have personally sponsored six (6) auto-ships (customers or reps). An Executive must be signed up for the “monthly auto-ship” program. You are now qualified to earn 9% commissions on levels 1-6 and 3% on levels 7-9.Alternative qualifier: An Executive can choose to either personally sponsor six (6) auto-ships; or help their three (3) personally sponsored Reps to each get three sponsored auto-ships.

Presidential – An Executive becomes Presidential when they have personally sponsored nine (9) auto-ships (customers or reps). A Presidential must be signed up for the “monthly auto-ship” program. You are now qualified to earn 9% commissions on levels all 9 levels.Alternative qualifier: An Executive can choose to either personally sponsor six (6) auto-ships; or help their three (3) personally sponsored Reps to each get three sponsored auto-ships.
3x9 Matrix Compensation Plan at a glance
Rep(Sponsor 1)
Director(Sponsor 3)
Executive(Sponsor 6)
Presidential(Sponsor 9)

Commissions are calculated daily and paid out every week. There will be a one week delay on commission runs. (E.g. Week 1st – 7th commissions checks will be mailed on the 17th.)

Amigo Health.........The next MLM Giant!! Amigo Juice is here now!

You can grab a lucrative front row seat and directly sponsor distributors WORLDWIDE!

Look at the HUGE 81% COMPENSATION PLAN and just picture yourself getting paid day one at 3% on the very first distributor you enroll!

The plan also pays up to 9% on every level, 9 levels deep!

Official world launch date is March 1st!, 2006.

We don't just talk the good game, we really do suport our distributors!

All distributors will have their own web page free of charge!

Your own back office on line for serious players!


A canned Powdered Juice Supplement named for the letters ACAI, MANGOSTEEN & GOJI!

Each can contains a true 30 day supply with 90 servings per container.

Jump on board, as this company is about to BLAST OFF!